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Eternal Image is an art studio that specializes in highly detailed dry media portraits. Based in Claysburg, Pennsylvania, the studio was founded in 2013 and has been providing clients with beautiful portrait artwork of loved ones, memories, and fan art ever since. Eternal Image consists of 2 artists: Gus Mauk and Lynzi Smith. Both with different art styles, and both with high attention to detail and the patience it takes to master portrait style realism. The studio also provides clients with fan art and other contracted art. Sketch covers, fan art commissions, poster work, and other forms of design are all offered. We are able to take 2 or 3 separate photos and combine them to make one portrait. Quality reference photos are needed to provide an accurate depiction of your portrait subject.

Gus Mauk

Justin "Gus" Mauk is a professional portrait artist from a small town in Central Pennsylvania. He started Eternal Image as a business name to showcase his sketches at some local craft events, and it took off from there. At first, portrait commissions were seasonal and only came up around Mother's Day and Christmas — but now it is a yearlong endeavor with people ordering commissions as early as April for Christmas presents. There are also a great many art pieces that he does yearly as memorial pieces. He specializes in charcoal, a medium that is not easy to master. He has done several published works, such as variant covers for comic books, several novel covers, card sets for Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Spiderman, and X-Men, and even movie posters. Self-taught in the traditional style using basic art tools, Gus is available to do his illustrative style commissions in full color markers and airbrush. He has several art styles and is willing to work with all clients to get them the art they need.

Lynzi Smith

Lynzi is a graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and entering the field of medicine. She has been involved in art for over 10 years, which all started with the video game Kingdom Hearts 2. She searched images of the game because she loved it so much and found that most of the fan art was in an anime style. She patterned her style after that and today her fan art has a unique anime/realistic style. Her portrait work is exceptionally detailed and precise through her technique of using strictly graphite pencils. This provides her art with a softer, lighter tone. Lynzi also experiments with watercolor techniques in her personal art. Watercolor commissions may be accepted if she is willing. Due to her current schedule, Lynzi can oly accept a limited number of commissions per month.

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